Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Often are times we lie to ourselves

Sad very sad, your conscience bites so hard yet you still go ahead

The lie eats up your conscience, your normality

You don't have a conscience anymore

Your feelings slowly die and soon totally dead

You consume and digest everything even waste

Your taste buds are no more

Your sense of smell for good aroma no more

Your eyes see but blur

You hear but interpret it to what suits you

You have lied to you so much, your something else

Be true to you, it saves you

Friday, May 24, 2013


Change is as good as a rest

It's strange we hate change

The weather will change

The position of the sun will change

Everything will change

Anticipate change, there has to be change

Without change there is no future to look forward to

Receive change objectively

Change can be sweet

Change can be hard

Change can be harsh

To accept change you have to change your attitude

Guard and control your reaction to change

Let change make you a better human being

Change is the only permanent thing in life

Change begins with you!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


There is power in unity

Unification is togetherness
Two cannot walk together, unless they agree
Disunity cripples a nation, a family, a church
name it..................................
Where there is unity there is love
There is a dynamic multiplication factor in unity of
numbers, five will chase 100,but 100 will chase
1000 but 1000 will chase 10,000 (Lev 26:8)

Umoja ni nguvu, utengamano ni udhaifu, said the 
Swahili's. Together we stand, divided we fall

Friends let's unite, there is energy in unity.